Learn how to apply for Christmas Help in Your Area

What is ChristmasHelp.net?

We have compiled a list of available Christmas charities that provide Holiday assistance, generally in the form of toys for disadvantaged children. Currently the list of available charities is somewhat limited, and we strongly suggest you contact private charities as early as possible. Click here for more information on the Holiday 2019 programs.

Our articles provides additional advice, tips, and help with finding Christmas assistance. Please consider checking them out! There are a wide variety of both public programs that also provide general assistance and help to low income families, but because of the seperation of church and state may not be strictly Christmas oriented.

What are Christmas Help Program?

Christmas is a time of the year that shows they very best in people. Many private charities and religious organizations make an extra effort to help low income families during this time of year.

These programs include, but are not limited to, the Goodfellows, the Lions club, Toys for Tots, Adopt-A-Family, the Salvation Army and a very large number of local Catholic and Protestant churches along with private secular donations.

How Can I Locate Help?

Our website is designed to put you in touch with national assistance programs. Some, such as the Salvation Army, make it very easy to find assistance near you. We also suggest that you simply contact local churches and temples in your area. Many of these private programs remain unpublished, but if you are willing to call and ask for assistance most will be more than happy to provide help.

How do I Apply for Assistance?

While there are some seasonal federal programs like WIC and LIHEAP that are designed to provide Food and Utility Bill assistance, many private programs do not have typical application processes. Some low income individuals are illiterate and are not expected to fill out an application, but instead just need to contact the organization and ask for assistance. These situations are often judged on a case-by-case basis.

Please review our program comparison page to find out current available assistance.

ChristmasHelp.net is not a government agency and is not affiliated with any government programs.