About Us

Every year it gets harder and harder to provide our family with a great depression. This has grown even worse ince the "Great Recession" began in 2008. According to Bloomberg News, Americans have lost as much as 38.8% of their net worth (source). This is the biggest economic disaster since Great Depression. We have seen our friends, family and neighbors struggling with economic difficulties - with no idea where to turn.

While our government leaders provide all the help they can through a variety of programs, sometimes private charities and religious organizations need to step up to fill in the void. This is especially apparent during Christmas, when generous individuals give their time and money to the less fortunate.

While these programs wont necessarily provide for the "American Dream," they can at least provide us with hope. Hope in the generosity of our neighbors and fellow citizens to give what they have been blessed with to those in need. Those less fortunate who are entitled to a better life.